Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Trouble With Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis - Review

Settle into your favorite reading spot, grab a warm drink and pick up The Trouble with Mistletoe: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel  by Jill Shalvis, for an adorable holiday read!  For me, there is nothing better than a romance novel set during the holidays! I  absolutely adored this story, the  fun loving characters and the holiday cheer.

Keane and Willa met in high school, not that Keane remembers.  Willa, on the other hand, will never forget.  Years later, she still holds a grudge from the hurt she felt by Keane.  But when he walks into Willa's pet shop, desperate for help with his aunt's cat, she can't say no to the charming Keane.  

Keane is a sexy, strong, hands on real estate developer who takes on projects in the San Fransico area. Willa owns a pet shop and takes on "babysitting" four legged friends like the cat Keane is watching for his sick aunt. Since petunia the cat is not a fan of Keane, Willa has agreed to help out and watch her while he works.  They become friends and then the attraction develops, but a relationship is not something Keane and Willa are used to or even strive for.  They both had difficult childhoods and shy away from getting too close or involved.  However, Keane is the smart one seeing the potential in their relationship and the beauty of falling in love.  Which made me fall for Keane even more! :X

I loved all the characters and could see myself enjoying a Christmas party with their company.  The realistic storyline was also a breath of fresh air.  Don't get me wrong,  I like a fairy-tale fantasy too, but sometimes it's nice to read a love story that could actually blossom in the real world.

When the weather starts to cool and you want snuggle up with a good book, give Keane and Willa's story a try! :)  This book is part of a series, but could be read as a standalone.   I can't wait to read the other stories in the Heartbreaker Bay Novels.

My Rating:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Furious Rush - By S.C. Stephens - Review

When I was offered an ARC of Furious Rush by S.C. Stephens, for review,  I thought I hit the literary jackpot!  If you have read my blog before you would know my love obsession for Kellan Kyle, who happened to be created by the very same author.  When I heard she was releasing a new book I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!!  I would read anything she writes- grocery list, Post-it note, anything!!  If she writes it, I want to read it and I know I won't be disappointed.  Furious Rush was no exception.  Move over Kellan Kyle, Hayden Hayes is my new...  Okay, maybe I shouldn't get too carried away,  Kellan will forever be my favorite book boyfriend, but Hayden is definitely in my top 5!

Mackenzie "Kenzie" Cox is the daughter of a motorcycle racing legend, Jordan Cox.  In her rookie year racing she is under pressure to perform and bring in much needed money for the Cox Racing team owned by her father.  The loss of the teams best rider and sponsers, Mackenzie was determined to win and save the team.  After a falling out between her father and his best friend Keith Benneti, the two racing teams are banned from any contact with each other.  One of the Benneti's newest riders makes it a little difficult for her to follow that very important rule.  Hayden Hayes, came from street racing to the professional world, but he also came with a bad reputation and a little mystery. Kenzie was undeniably attracted to him and at the same time despised him and the team he raced for, but she raced better when they were on the same track.  She realized he could help her reach her fullest potential.   Risking her career and her relationship with her father, she decided she needed Hayden more if she wanted to win.  What she didn't expect, she would get so much more than a secret training partner.

Holy Hotness!!  I am not one for motorcycles, but I would jump on the back of his bike any day!  ;) I also know nothing about motorcycle racing or had any interest, but the story that S.C. Stephens tells, makes it interesting, intriguing and exciting.   A true page turner!!   I couldn't read fast enough and at the same time I had to take my time and soak up every word.

The sexual tension and chemistry between Hayden and Kenzie was intense.  Many times I would (silently in my head, of course) scream just kiss already!!!!  And when they finally succumbed it was so worth the wait!  Wow!  Powerful, sweet, sexy with a little danger mixed in.

I do have one complaint about the story.  It felt a little unfinished.  There was no cliff hanger and the story wrapped up at the end, but I felt like there was more of the story to tell.  Maybe that means a sequel???????  Let's hope my wish comes true.  I could read about Hayden Hayes for days!  ;)

My Rating
5 Book Boyfriends

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Desire After Dark by Marie Force - Review

Marie Force has a unique way of story telling.  Desire After Dark: A Gansett Island Novel was my first book that I have read by the author and it was such a breath of fresh air.  You don't just get one story, but a handful of side stories as well.  They all interconnect to the two main characters, Erin and Slim.  Not only did I fall for Slim and all his hotness, but also for all his friends on Gansett Island.  I think I may want to relocate there!

After losing her twin brother, Toby, in the 9/11 attacks, Erin had difficulty with getting close to anyone.  But when Slim entered her life she rethought her single life.  The only problem is that Slim is a pilot and because of the way her brother died, she has a fear of flying.  Her flying phobia is not the only issue, she has dealt with since her brother's death.  But having Slim around, makes working through them all whole lot easier.  

Slim has always been a commitment phobe since his high school relationship scarred him.  He never stayed overnight after being with a woman and had no intention of ever settling down.  His life and career also made it difficult.  Half the year he spent up north on Gansett Island and in the winter months in Florida.  However, after months of texts, Facetime and phone calls with Erin, he started to wonder if he could include a woman in his life permanently.  

I absolutely adored Slim,  he was a good guy from the beginning and stayed that way until the end!  He was sweet, caring and supportive of Erin.  He was sexy, romantic and was willing to do anything to make a relationship with Erin work. 

I am not sure how to sum up the other stories in this book.  There isn't enough time to recap it all.  I guess you'll have to read the book and find out for yourself ;) . They were just as sweet and romantic as the main story.  Each couple had their own dramas and hardships but they worked through them together.  It was a nice change to read a story where you like all the characters throughout the entire book!  Usually you begin to hate the main characters (usually the guy) until they start to redeem themselves.  Like I said before this book was a breath of fresh air!  :)  I can't wait to dive into the rest of the series!
My Rating 4.5
Book Boyfriends

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dare To Take By Carly Phillips - Review

Ella Shaw has been enamored with her best friend's brother, Tyler since they were kids.  However, one night together when Ella was just eighteen, left her disappointed and embarrassed.  Tyler, known for running when life got too difficult, was true to form when it came to the day after his night of passion with Ella. Years later Avery, Ella's best friend, enlists her brother to rescue her from a dangerous situation on the island of St. Lucia.  Tyler was not happy that he would have to face Ella and deal with their past, but would do anything to make his sister's worry disappear.

Tyler may be a sexy, strong, dominating alpha male, but he has a soft and vulnerable side as well. That made me fall for him just a little bit more. :) Not all men are strong, brooding and ready at any time to save the world right??  Ella was also similar in that she could be strong when it was needed, but not so stubborn and accepted help when she had no choice. I think that is what made them so perfect for each other.  They both have demons to fight and pasts to overcome, but know that their connection and passion made it worth the fight.  Tyler, especially fought against his fears of commitment and was determined to replace the bad memories Ella had of their time together.  And boy did he!  He can help me forget anytime!  ;)

The relationship between the Tyler and Ella was just as sexy as it was sweet!  I loved watching the relationship blossom as well as the relationships of the Dare family.  Sprinkle in some mystery and danger and you got yourself an intriguing and cute little story!

This book was the perfect story to read from start to finish.  Not too long and not too short.  I spent my rainy day off cuddled in bed with some tea and Tyler!  :)

My Rating:
 3.5 Book Boyfriends


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Quinn and Quinn II by J.C. Cliff - Review

Well, I have a new obsession and his name is Quinn!  A strong and sexy alpha male that will protect you and cherish you??  Sign me up!  He also has an adorable furry four-legged sidekick, Kimber.

Quinn I: Undaunted Men Series and Quinn II (Undaunted Men Series Book 2) by J.C. Clifff are the first books I have read from this author and I was majorly impressed!  If you have read my blog before, you may know my hatred for cliffhangers, But she warned me in the introduction that she had to live up to her name.  So, with the last name Cliff, I was forewarned!  Thankfully, I was able to read the first two back to back and the story wrapped up in the second one.  There should be more to come following some of the other characters and I can't wait to dive into those!

Despite the first book being a cliffhanger it still felt like each book was a separate story.  The first you get to know Quinn and all his sexy badassness (I know not a real word, you get what I mean).   And Lexi, the mafia princess.  Don't let that description fool you, she's pretty down to earth while being a bad ass of her own.

Ok, a very brief synopsis of Quinn:

Quinn has a mission, bring Lexi (Alexis) back home safe.  Lexi, threatened by her former boyfriend and childhood friend, was convinced running away was the answer to avoid trouble.  Lexi's Dad was frantic and sought the help of his ex-military contact and his dog to track her down.  Once Quinn set eyes on Lexi he knew she was more than a mission.  He was in deep trouble....

This book had it all, suspense, romance, and sexiness all wrapped up in the perfect cliffhanger :P ! Like I said, I didn't mind the cliffhanger because I had the other one waiting for me.  And quess what?  So do you!  I highly suggest, hunkering down for a weekend and diving into these babies.  You will be sucked in just like I was.

There's not much I can tell you about Quinn II without spoiling the first book, but trust me, you will want to continue on with Lexi, Quinn and Kimber!  What I can say for two stories being related and following one after another, they were so different!  But in a good way. The story line took turns I was not expecting and kept me reading into the wee hours of the morning.   Hence, my hunkering down recommendation.

Seriously,  J.C. Cliff has a new reader and a new fan!  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

 My Rating:

4.5 Book Boyfriends


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mastered By Maya Banks - Review


I really have no other words or letters than that!  I just finished Mastered (The Enforcers) by Maya Banks.  And I am speechless....Well, almost.  ;)

Mastered reminded me a lot of the first series I ever read by Maya Banks, The breathless trilogy.  It was hot, steamy, shocking and romantic.  But this one has one difference and something I have never seen in any of her books.  Normally, I would have been mad, but this time I understand.  Curious? Well, I guess you will just have to read and find out. :) .

Evangeline was a small town girl from Mississippi who moved to New York City in hopes to better provide for her parents.  Her parents depended on her to help them after her dad was injured on the job.  She shares a tiny apartment with three of her friends from home who work just as hard to make ends meet. After a disastrous relationship with a playboy named Eddie, her friends convinced her to make an appearance at very exclusive and "hard to get into" night club.  Her friends wanted her to get noticed and have Eddie realize what he threw away by dumping Evangeline after he slept with her. Shocking to Evangeline, Eddie was not the only one who noticed her that night.

Drake Donovon was the very successful, rich, gorgeous and dominating owner of Impluse.  He noticed Evangeline the second she reached the doors to his club.  Knowing she didn't belong in a place where she would be harassed and possibly taken advantage of, he made sure she was protected the moment she step foot in the club.  And her protection was something he would see to everyday after.

Reluctantly, Evangeline follows Drake's men to meet him. Drake doesn't waste any time showing her how she should be treated and worshipped unlike her Ex.  From that moment on Drake would worship, cherish and own Evangeline.  The naive, inexperienced and innocent Evangeline has to deal with the overwhelming new life set before her.

There is so much packed into this story and yet you feel like you need to know more.  I was very leery of Drake through most of the story.  Wondering if I could trust him and if and when he will make me angry. This is a romance book after all, of course he would.  But could I forgive him?  That has yet to be answered....  I did, however, fall in love with some of his men!  And I am happy to report there will be more novels focusing on two of them!  So I will be anxiously awaiting the release of each book in the series. Especially, Dominated: The Enforcers (The Enforcers series) that comes out next......

My Rating 4.5 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Darkest Before Dawn by Maya Banks - Review

Another great book by Maya Banks!!!!  Darkest Before Dawn (KGI series) is the latest release of her KGI series.  I think this one by far is my favorite Maya Banks book ever!  And I have read a lot of her books!  However, this is the first book for me in the series (not for long! ;) ) Like all of her series, each book is connected to the others, but can also be read as a stand alone.

As for the main male character or the story's "Book Boyfriend".  I HATED HIM!!  Well, at first.  Or maybe for the first half of the book.  But I kept an open mind and figured he would change my opinion once he redeemed himself.  He did and then I was rooting for him all the way!! :)

I'm not going in depth with a synopsis because I want you to get the whole experience like I did. Since I hadn't read any books in this series I had no idea what to expect.  And I was pleasantly surprised with how much I got into the action and adventure of the story.  It was like watching a movie.  A movie a guy would be interested in but with the sexy and romantic material that keeps us ladies wanting more!! Hmm.  Now that's an idea, someone needs to make this book into a movie!!

Very brief synopsis...

Honor Cambridge found her calling as a relief worker in the Middle East.  A terrorist group, A New Era, bombed the hospital where she worked and she was the sole survivor.  To avoid embarrassing themselves by allowing the only survivor, a woman, to escape, they would stop at nothing to capture her in order to uphold their reputation as ruthless killers.  Honor, strong and determined would not stop until she was safe and reunited with her family.  Little did she know the terrorist group was not the only one interested in her capture.....

Sounds good right??  And I didn't even mention the BBF Hancock :X  You'll just have to read the book to get acquainted with that hottie ;) I am warning you!!  You will think I'm nuts at first for loving him, but trust me, he won't disappoint!