Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Furious Rush - By S.C. Stephens - Review

When I was offered an ARC of Furious Rush by S.C. Stephens, for review,  I thought I hit the literary jackpot!  If you have read my blog before you would know my love obsession for Kellan Kyle, who happened to be created by the very same author.  When I heard she was releasing a new book I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!!  I would read anything she writes- grocery list, Post-it note, anything!!  If she writes it, I want to read it and I know I won't be disappointed.  Furious Rush was no exception.  Move over Kellan Kyle, Hayden Hayes is my new...  Okay, maybe I shouldn't get too carried away,  Kellan will forever be my favorite book boyfriend, but Hayden is definitely in my top 5!

Mackenzie "Kenzie" Cox is the daughter of a motorcycle racing legend, Jordan Cox.  In her rookie year racing she is under pressure to perform and bring in much needed money for the Cox Racing team owned by her father.  The loss of the teams best rider and sponsers, Mackenzie was determined to win and save the team.  After a falling out between her father and his best friend Keith Benneti, the two racing teams are banned from any contact with each other.  One of the Benneti's newest riders makes it a little difficult for her to follow that very important rule.  Hayden Hayes, came from street racing to the professional world, but he also came with a bad reputation and a little mystery. Kenzie was undeniably attracted to him and at the same time despised him and the team he raced for, but she raced better when they were on the same track.  She realized he could help her reach her fullest potential.   Risking her career and her relationship with her father, she decided she needed Hayden more if she wanted to win.  What she didn't expect, she would get so much more than a secret training partner.

Holy Hotness!!  I am not one for motorcycles, but I would jump on the back of his bike any day!  ;) I also know nothing about motorcycle racing or had any interest, but the story that S.C. Stephens tells, makes it interesting, intriguing and exciting.   A true page turner!!   I couldn't read fast enough and at the same time I had to take my time and soak up every word.

The sexual tension and chemistry between Hayden and Kenzie was intense.  Many times I would (silently in my head, of course) scream just kiss already!!!!  And when they finally succumbed it was so worth the wait!  Wow!  Powerful, sweet, sexy with a little danger mixed in.

I do have one complaint about the story.  It felt a little unfinished.  There was no cliff hanger and the story wrapped up at the end, but I felt like there was more of the story to tell.  Maybe that means a sequel???????  Let's hope my wish comes true.  I could read about Hayden Hayes for days!  ;)

My Rating
5 Book Boyfriends