Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mastered By Maya Banks - Review


I really have no other words or letters than that!  I just finished Mastered (The Enforcers) by Maya Banks.  And I am speechless....Well, almost.  ;)

Mastered reminded me a lot of the first series I ever read by Maya Banks, The breathless trilogy.  It was hot, steamy, shocking and romantic.  But this one has one difference and something I have never seen in any of her books.  Normally, I would have been mad, but this time I understand.  Curious? Well, I guess you will just have to read and find out. :) .

Evangeline was a small town girl from Mississippi who moved to New York City in hopes to better provide for her parents.  Her parents depended on her to help them after her dad was injured on the job.  She shares a tiny apartment with three of her friends from home who work just as hard to make ends meet. After a disastrous relationship with a playboy named Eddie, her friends convinced her to make an appearance at very exclusive and "hard to get into" night club.  Her friends wanted her to get noticed and have Eddie realize what he threw away by dumping Evangeline after he slept with her. Shocking to Evangeline, Eddie was not the only one who noticed her that night.

Drake Donovon was the very successful, rich, gorgeous and dominating owner of Impluse.  He noticed Evangeline the second she reached the doors to his club.  Knowing she didn't belong in a place where she would be harassed and possibly taken advantage of, he made sure she was protected the moment she step foot in the club.  And her protection was something he would see to everyday after.

Reluctantly, Evangeline follows Drake's men to meet him. Drake doesn't waste any time showing her how she should be treated and worshipped unlike her Ex.  From that moment on Drake would worship, cherish and own Evangeline.  The naive, inexperienced and innocent Evangeline has to deal with the overwhelming new life set before her.

There is so much packed into this story and yet you feel like you need to know more.  I was very leery of Drake through most of the story.  Wondering if I could trust him and if and when he will make me angry. This is a romance book after all, of course he would.  But could I forgive him?  That has yet to be answered....  I did, however, fall in love with some of his men!  And I am happy to report there will be more novels focusing on two of them!  So I will be anxiously awaiting the release of each book in the series. Especially, Dominated: The Enforcers (The Enforcers series) that comes out next......

My Rating 4.5