Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Owning Violet by Monica Murphy - Review

Owning Violet: A Novel (The Fowler Sisters) by Monica Murphy is the first book in the Fowler Sister Series and the first book I have read by this author.  I loved her writing and felt it was similar to the works of Sylvia Day and Maya Banks. (Two authors that I absolutely adore).  From the first few pages I knew I was hooked and that this book was going to “own” me!

Violet Fowler is an innocent, does the right thing, and maybe a little boring, business professional.    She is focused on her career, her relationship and having the perfect life.  Too bad her boyfriend Zachary Lawrence is not as perfect as he looks on paper.  She knows he’s not faithful or puts her on the top of his priorities, but she feels they make sense.  She feels things will get better once they settle down and get married.  Well that’s the plan at least.  That is until Ryder Mckay makes his move.

You know Ryder is trouble from the first moment he appears in the story.  Coming from a life on the streets, this bad boy will do anything to get what he wants.  He happens to want what Zachary has, the promotion at the cosmetics company, Fleur, where they all work, and Violet’s family owns.  He also wants Violet. He sees her as a challenge and because he despises Zachary, taking Violet away would be an added bonus.

Pilar Vasquez is Ryder’s former boss and on and off again lover.  She helped Ryder get off the streets his get his start at Fleur.  She may seem like a saint but behind the good looks, her evil shines through.   Pilar is more than happy to help Ryder in is quest for Violet, starting with her seduction of Zachary.  After she is done with him she moves on to bigger conquests...

At first I wasn’t sure of some of the characters.  I wasn’t sure which male lead I was supposed to fall for because they were both a**holes!  I knew Pilar was a villain but I didn’t expect to see Ryder as one as well.  It took most of the book for me to fully trust and accept him.  I think Violet gave in before me!  He seemed to screw up a lot and make stupid mistakes and then instantly regret them.  If it wasn't for the alternating point of view between Violet and Ryder, I may not have realized the struggle he had between getting what he wants and doing the right thing.

Even though it took awhile for me to fall for Ryder, I was hooked and enjoyed the story the entire time.  I was wondering if it was possible for me not to fall for the male lead and still love the story!  Well, I guess I won’t know since Ryder did end up capturing my heart.

I shouldn’t even give Zachary a mention in this review because he was such a prick.  But I guess I have to since he is a part of the story, just not my favorite part.  He is totally selfish and doesn’t deserve the success he gets from sucking up to Violet’s father.  And it doesn’t take much for him to show is sleezy side and fall for Pilar’s advances.  Good thing it doesn’t take long for Violet to come to her senses.  I guess a hot Alpha Male that rocks your world makes you see the light!  Once she gets a taste of Ryder there is no turning back.  And the chemistry between the two is like WOW! 

Oh, I guess I haven’t really mentioned the steam and sexy factor of this book.  It’s off the charts!  You may need a cold shower when you’re done! ;) I can’t wait for the next book in the series!!!

My Rating:
4 Book Boyfriends