Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet by Leisa Rayven - Reviews

If you combine my favorite Shakespearean play with a contemporary romance featuring a brooding, hot and sexy bad boy and sprinkle in some angst, you have a recipe for one intriguing book series. Guaranteeing,  I will be off the grid until the series is complete.  

Broken Juliet (The Starcrossed Series) which was released today is the sequel to Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven  I had heard rave reviews about Bad Romeo and knew I needed to get my hands on this book.  Luck would have it, I received an ARC of Broken Juliet so I could indulge in a little marathon reading!  I completely devoured both books in a matter of days. 

The two main characters Ethan and Cassie, met while auditioning for a spot in the very competitive drama school.   From their first meeting, an undeniable connection sparked between the two.  Ethan, who was broken from the past wants to spare Cassie from the inevitable heartache he knows he will cause.  Because of Cassie's inexperienced and naivety, she focused on the good in Ethan that he couldn't see in himself.  She fights for them and help to bring Ethan out of the past and into the future with her. Unfortunately,  Ethan's destructive ways overpowers Cassie faith and determination and eventually breaks her heart....TWICE!

In Bad Romeo the story alternates from the past where they met in college, to the present, years later after he breaks her heart.   In the past you watch as they fall in love and see Ethan struggle with his feelings. In the present, Ethan tries to prove to Cassie how he has changed and is determined to win her back.  You fall in love with the college bad boy Ethan and then swoon over the changed, mature, sweet, and passionate Ethan in the present.

Broken Juliet picks up where Bad Romeo leaves off and alternates between the start of the demise of the relationship from the past and the present.  However, Cassie is now the broken one and despite Ethan's attempt to fix things between the two, she is convinced her heart is irreparable.

As a whole I loved both books, but I think I enjoyed Bad Romeo just a little bit more. I think Ethan broke my trust and my heart along with Cassie and I had a hard time forgiving him maybe even a little more than Cassie.  Don't worry, I did finally forgive him.  I can't help it, I'm a sucker for Romeo. And thankfully, this series doesn't end as a tragedy.  :)

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