Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Safe At Last By Maya Banks -Review


Zack Covington was a college athlete with a future in professional football when he met  Anna-Grace or his "Gracie".   He was completely devoted to her and dreamed of the perfect future together, that is until she disappeared.   He never stopped looking for her and never gave up hope that they would be reunited.  12 years later, a chance meeting while on the job at Devereaux Security brought them back together.  Zack was shocked and devastated that Gracie not only didn't want to see him but feared him as well.  Although heartbroken, Zack is determined to get answers on why and earn back her love and trust all while protecting her from the real enemies.  

Safe at Last: A Slow Burn Novel (Slow Burn Novels) was definitely an action packed story.  I normally don't gravitate to suspense stories but if you sprinkle in romance you got my attention.  And Maya Banks definitely got my attention!  The story unfolds with little bits of information here and there, like dangling the right puzzle piece just at the right time to keep you going.  Not only did I fall for Zack and his utter devotion for Gracie but I got sucked in, having to know what happens next and the need for so many questions to be answered.  Once I started this book nothing was going to distract me until I was finished.

Out of all the books in the slow burn series this was by far my favorite!  It not only had an intense story of its own, but it connected the first too and weaved all three stories together at the end.  And my favorite part.....(sorry slight spolier) was when the women in the story prove to be the true heroes. They may need and love their alpha males, but they were no damsels in distress and showed the men a thing or too about kicking some serious ass!!

My Rating:
4 Book Boyfriends