Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fire On Ice by Dakota Madison

I received a copy of Fire on Ice (Fire on Ice Series) by Dakota Madison in exchange for an honest review


Well, it looks like there's a new book boyfriend in town and he's a hot hockey player!!  I don't even like hockey!  But, if Kian were my boyfriend I would learn to love to sport.

Taylor a, very driven psychology major, is focused on school and has no interest in boys or other distractions.  That is until she meets Kian the star hockey player of the local minor league team. A guy "from the wrong side of the tracks" who spent is adult life focused on hockey, his dreams and one night stands.   However once he lays eyes on Taylor he is instantly intrigued and everything else seems to fail in comparison.   Taylor is not interested and makes it known, but deep down she feels the instant connection between them and can't resist the pull she has towards him.  The one thing holding her back is the fact that he is a hockey player.  She was burned badly by her high school boyfriend who also happened to play hockey.   She assumed all athletes are same.  It took some time but Kian proved to be nothing like the jerk from high school. 

I enjoyed this story and learned quite a bit about hockey. In one particular scene when Taylor is watching Kian play, it is very detailed and descriptive of every play in the game and what's happening around her.  It's almost like you are there in the middle of the action experiencing right along with Taylor.  

The author took her time developing the characters and added a little mystery to keep it interesting and the reader captivated.   It may seem at first that story was going in the direction of, boy meets girl, they instantly fall in love and spout "I love yous" after the first date.   But, it was a little more real than that.  Kian had to earn her love and he figure out how to make up for the mistakes he made along the way.  However, there was definitely lust at first sight for both of them.  But Kian showed restraint which help create a build up for some steamy scenes when the relationship finally progressed. 

Oh one more thing... and I do not mean to spoil anything, because you know I hate to do that!  Just a warning, the story is left a little unfinished.  It's not like it you go to turn the page and nothing.  It ends where you know there is more to the story and there is some major drama lurking around the corner.  As you can tell from the title (the part where it says series, that I somehow missed at first)  It's not a stand alone book.   But there is good news!  The second book is coming in September. YAY!  I can't wait to find out what happens next!!!

I still may not be a hockey fan, but if there was a Kian Kavanagh on my local hockey team I may have to get season tickets :) 

My Rating:

4 Book Boyfriends 


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Burn by Maya Banks - Review


Since the first book in the Breathless trilogy, Burn (THE BREATHLESS TRILOGY), I have been dying to know more about the character Ash. He was the easy going, laid back one.  I knew there was more to him than that.  And boy is there.  Introducing, Ash the alpha male!!

After seeing his two best friends leave their playboy lifestyles behind and fall madly in love with their soul mates, Ash felt left out.  He was used to sharing his women with Jace and now he was on his own.  That is until he met Josie.

Ash was completely captivated by Josie while first noticing her in a local park.  He was determined to get to know her and make her a part of his life.  Josie, being an independent and strong women, she wasn't interested in a "knight in shining armor" type trying to sweep in and rescue her.  She wanted to have her own successful career as an artist and support herself.  However, she couldn't deny the effect Ash had on her and she had to see what this gorgeous intense man was all about. 

Ash respected her determination to succeed and be independent and he was supportive of that.  Well, as long as he was in control of her success and independence.  This proves to be a recipe for drama and disaster!

Ash really surprised me.  I liked how strongly he wanted to care and protect her.  He gave the impression he would be too over the top demanding and controlling.  However, he really showed his sweet and caring side with a dash of over protection.   Okay, it was more than a dash! ;)

The story started out slower than the first two books in the sex department, which surprised me.  I liked that the readers get to know the characters and watch the relationship develop before all the sexy heat begins.  But when it did, it was HOT!!!!

In all the romance novels that I read, I have come to expect drama and major hiccups in the relationships and I usually prepare myself.  When it came to that part of the story, I thought to myself  "That wasn't too bad".  I thought it was over and then BAM!!  I was way wrong! From that moment on,  I was on the edge of my seat and I couldn't read fast enough to see how it ended.

Before I finished the series, I thought it would be easy to choose one of the three as my new book boyfriend.  I was pretty sure it would be Ash.  But now I don't think I can pick just one.  I think I take all three!  ;)

My Rating:

4 Book Boyfriends

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Sunday, August 4, 2013


To celebrate the release of Burn (THE BREATHLESS TRILOGY) that comes out this Tuesday August 6th, (Yippie!!!) I am giving away a copy to one lucky winner!!

I have been so excited for this book and can't wait to share my thoughts with all of you.

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