Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Two Reviews and a Giveaway... It must be Tuesday!!!

It’s that day again!!  Book Release Day!!

I am excited to share my reviews on two books that were released today!  Both are part of a series and should be read in order.  I’ll have links at the end of each review.  Oh and a little giveaway too!! :)

The second installment in The Surrender Trilogy is very different than other books by Ms. Banks.  Don’t worry, there is still a steamy romance and a hot alpha male that is expected in a Maya Banks’ novel, just with an extra twist.

Kylie was barely living, just getting by after the death of her brother and dealing with her dark and painful past.  She didn’t allow anyone to get too close, especially men.  She was afraid to trust anyone or let anyone take control.  That is, until, Jensen Tucker came into her life.

Jensen is a dominate by nature and lived the lifestyle as one. With Kylie’s past and fear of men and their control, she wanted no part of it.  But Jensen found something he wanted more than control. He wanted Kylie and was willing to give up everything to have her and love her the way she deserved.  

Seriously, can Jensen be for real?????  The words he would say and the lengths he would go to make Kiley feel safe and loved made me swoon!  And he wasn’t a push over.  His hot alpha male and protective personality made an appearance when needed as well as his sweet caring and giving side when Kylie needed control.  He had the perfect balance and traits of an excellent book boyfriend.  

Ok I should know better but….. Ms. Banks gets me every time! I should remember that just because the book seems to be wrapping up doesn’t mean a wrench can’t be thrown in!  And everytime this happens, I panic.  What’s going to happen?  Is everything going to be ok??   Well, I’m not going to say, but just know what ever happens it worth reading ‘til the end.

My Rating:
4 Book Boyfriends

This is third and final book in the S.E.C.R.E.T. series.  I was waiting what felt like forever to have this book in my hands!!  What a great wrap up for an awesome series.  Out of all the books and series that I have read, (and there are A LOT) this is the most unique.  Not your typical romance and that makes it all the more special. 

I finally get all my questions answered about the main character, Cassie, who’s featured in all three stories and get to know a new character, Solange, and follow her journey.

It was creative how the author weaved the two story lines together.  At times it was like reading two separate stories, and other times they would intersect.  Your attention is definitely peaked as each chapter focuses on either Cassie or Solange.  At the end of each chapter it finishes with a mini cliffhanger.  I would get so wrapped up in Cassie’s story and then next chapter would be about Solange.  Part of me wanted to just skip a chapter and continue with Cassie’s story until I remember that I was waiting to continue with Solange’s story from the previous chapters!  Frustrating (but in a good way) because once you start, you can’t stop!

Like the other two in the series, there are no specific book boyfriends to fall in love with, there are a handful of them :)!  However, there are two that are a little more special than the rest and I couldn’t help but want to see them have their own happily ever after.

My Rating:
4 Charm Bracelets

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to give away a copy of SECRET Revealed: A SECRET Novel (Secret Trilogy) to a lucky winner.  I will pick a winner next week!  Good Luck! 

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Friday, May 2, 2014


Most people look forward to Friday each week.  Well, for me and my work schedule, Fridays can be like any other day of the week.  No matter when my days off are or what part of the week I get a "weekend", I always look forward to Tuesday.   Why?  It's book release day!!!  

I especially love when my day off falls on book release day.  And yes, sometimes I request to be off those days.  (Anything involving Kellan is a definite no work day!)  I can either stay up all night and read or have uninterrupted "me" time during the day while my husband's at work and the kids are at school.  

Lucky for me, this Tuesday is one of those days!  There are so many good books coming out next week, I don't even know where to start.  I already read ARCS of two releases that are set for this Tuesday May 6th.  Maya Bank's second installment in the surrender series, Giving In (The Surrender Trilogy). And L. Marie Adeline's final book in the S.E.C.R.E.T series, SECRET Revealed: A SECRET Novel (Secret Trilogy).    Look for my reviews for these two and a little giveaway on release day!!

Now I have to figure out which book to pick for my "me" day. 

Here are some of my choices:

Breakable (Contours of the Heart) by Tammara Webber.  This is Lucas' story of Easy (Contours of the Heart) - one of my Favs!

Shame On Me (Fool Me Once) #2. By Tara Sivec.  I know this will be good.  Tara never disappoints!!

Rush Too Far: A Rosemary Beach Novel (The Rosemary Beach Series) by Abbi Glines - Rush telling his side of the story. 

Happenstance: A Novella by Jamie McGuire.  Ok, so this technically doesn't come out until May 9th. But it's close enough to include in this list.   And, I'm sure I'll be done with which ever I choose on Tuesday, so that makes this release have perfect timing! :)