Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review - Wallbanger by Alice Clayton.


At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book. It did have its funny moments. The characters were very likable, especially, Clive the cat. He was definitely my favorite. But in the beginning I just wasn't so sure the book was going to keep my interest. However, about 30 percent in I was hooked. The banter between Caroline and Simon was hilarious. The texts between all the characters had me laughing out loud! And of course Clive and his antics! Once Clive peed on Simon's sweatshirt I knew this book would be one of favorites. I fell in love... with Clive of course! Oh and Simon the hot photographer wasn't so bad himself.

I really liked the heroine, Caroline. She was strong, successful, self sufficient and didn't need a man to make her feel complete. But something important was missing in her life and maybe a man could help her find it again.

Simon and Caroline start out as neighbors, develop to friends and then sexual tension takes over and... I'm sure you can figure out what happens next.

Of course the two didn't meet, instantly have amazing chemisrty and fall in love. No, Caroline pretty much hated him! A shared bedroom wall, that's extremely thin, and a man with a harem of ladies that he entertained nightly would be enough to make anyone a little angry. You don't mess with a women and her sleep! I didn't have insta love for Simon either. He had to earn it! And boy did he!

Caroline and Simon don't just have an apartment building in common, they have friends in common too, forcing them into social situations.  Simon and Caroline's friendship starts to develop and they even work together to straighten out a little mistake in their best friends romantic relationships.

This book was a nice break from all the dark and emotional stories that I have been reading lately. I'll be sure to pull this one out the next time I need a little comic relief to brighten my mood!

My rating 4 stars

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays


Wishing all the book lovers (aka addicts) out there a very Happy and Healthy Holiday!  

Since I have been really good this year, do you think Santa will release some of my much anticipated books early?  If not, I can celebrate the season by re-reading some of my favorites.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Troubles and Treats by Tara Sivec - Review

In anticipation of the third book of the chocolate lover series, Troubles and Treats (Chocolate Lovers #3), I re read the first two books, Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers #1)and Futures and Frosting (Chocolate Lovers #2).  I must say they were even funnier than the first time I read them. Once the third book was released I immediately dove right in.  All three books were the perfect cure for my reading slump that I was in after The Sea of Tranquility.

I seriously have a girl crush on the author, Tara Sivec.  She can make me laugh like no other!  All three of her books have me laughing out loud, swooning and (more often than not) blushing!!  I will warn you, if you get offended easily by off the wall sexual situations, obscene language, or the word "spoop", this book is not for you!  Actually, maybe you should read it and live a little!! ;)

The characters are based on her friends and family and I would do anything to meet that crazy group and hang out with them for a night!  Tara, call me!! :)

The third installment is focused on Drew and Jenny.  The outrageously kinky couple, that has no shame when it comes to their romantic escapades, is having trouble reconnecting after the birth of their second child. With the help from their best friends, they have a hilarious journey trying to get their groove back.  Seriously, I will never look at skittles the same way again!

I fell in love with Drew and Jenny in the first book. With Drew's inappropriate but amusing t-shirts and Jenny's misuse of the English language, they have me once again holding back my laughter while my husband sleeps.  It wasn't easy to read while he was awake either, he would constantly ask me what was so funny or grab my iPad out of my hand to read what had me in hysterics.  Geez!  He could just download his own copy!

I am sad that the series is over but happy with the way it concluded.  Tara's next book, A Beautiful Lie,  is a romantic suspense story that is due out early next year!  An excerpt is available at the end of Troubles and Treats.  I can't wait!!

My ratings:

Seduction and Snacks 5 stars
Futures and Frosting 4.5 stars
Troubles and Treats 4.5 stars