Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Back from Hiatus

I took a little break from my blog for a bit but now I am back!   During this break I only read a few books. (I know sooo not like me).  Anyway, I am currently working on some reviews and will have them posted very soon.  And I am excited for the next couple of books I plan to read and hopefully make up for some lost time.

Right now I am having trouble deciding on which book to read.  I have the third book in the slammed series, This Girl and I just downloaded The Great Gatsby and can't wait to dive into that one!  I think I was supposed to read it in high school but I don't remember it so I may have read the cliff notes instead. Shhh don't tell! ;)  Well, I will make up the assignment I may have missed in high school and write my review (or book report) as soon as I finish!

In case you were wondering what books I did read in the last month they are listed below.  By the way, they were all excellent books!!


  1. It's okay...I believe I was supposed to read Gatsby twice in high school, and opted for the Cliffs notes as well.

    Nothing like Leonardo DiCaprio to spark the interest right? ;o)

  2. Absolutely! And now I have a nice visual of Gatsby. ;)