Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book of the Week.

I decided to dedicate this week's BOTW to my all time favorite book boyfriend, Kellan Kyle.  And there is not just one book, but three and one on the way!!  Due February 2015!  ;)

Since I read Thoughtless and Effortless (Thoughtless Book 2) before I started my blog, I never wrote a review for these two books.  Honestly, I don't know how to without telling you everything about this amazing series and spoiling it.  However, I did write a spoiler free review for Reckless (Thoughtless Book 3) which can be found by clicking on the S.C. Stephens label at the end of this post.  

I have read A LOT of romance book and to this day, Kellan still remains my number one.  It seems that most romance book bloggers have their favorite book boyfriend and even though they may not all be Kellan, I love the passion that they have for their favorite and it makes me feel a little less silly for swooning over a fictional character! 

Now let's talk about Thoughtful, the next book in the series that releases in February. (sorry, no link yet ;( ) It is the story of Thoughtless told in Kellan's point of view.  There is always a chance that these - same story, different point of view books can be repetitive and sometimes boring.  But from what the author has said you will learn so much about his past and watch as he falls in love with Kiera. sigh.... Heck, the story could be about Kellan knitting a blanket and I would still read it!  :)

I can't get too excited because I still have six months before I get my hands on Thoughtful.  I guess I can always re-read the trilogy about a thousand more times while I wait!  

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