Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Toxic by Kim Karr - Review

Kim Karr just introduced me to my latest book boyfriend.

It's him
Jeremy McQueen.....

Since the moment he was introduced in Toxic, Jeremy McQueen had my attention.  One character refers to him as the James Dean type and the vision of a gorgeous brooding bad boy runs through my head!  And all I can say about that is, WOW! ;)

I wasn't the only one enamored with Jeremy McQueen.  Phoebe St. Claire was drawn to him since she laid eyes on him while escaping from her 21st birthday party.   She was a socialite with very powerful parents, which was the one thing that Jeremy despised, the privileged and the extremely rich   Especially her father.  Instead of telling him who she was, she decided to lie about her last name.  Even though they came from different backgrounds Jeremy and Phoebe's connection was instantaneous and they didn't waste any time exploring it.  Their chemistry was intense and they were inseparable that summer in the Hamptons. That is until one day he disappeared with no explanation.

Five years later, she was engaged to the perfect man, Dawson Vanderbilt, but he was only on perfect on paper.  She was missing something. Something she only had with Jeremy.  She never forgot their connection and could still feel his presence around her. After she breaks off her engagement she has a chance encounter with him at the club he owns.  Now he is the successful entrepreneur and he is ready to accept her real identity and start again.  Of course that's easier said then done.

The relationship throughout the story has definite highs and lows.  Lots of misunderstandings and mistrust but with fiery passion.  They need to work through real life problems and insecurities for the two to have a chance.

There was definitely drama, some I could sense and some that completely shocked me!  What I loved about this author's writing, the story was smooth with the right amount of tension, drama, excitement and heat, without dragging it out too long.

My heart broke at different times for each Jeremy and Phoebe and there were times I wanted leap into the book and shake them out of their stubbornness and insecurities.  Even though it looked like it could be a cliffhanger up until the very end, it wrapped up perfectly and gave a little extra I was not expecting.  :x

My Rating: 4 Book Boyfriends


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