Sunday, February 17, 2013

Is it March 5th yet?

I am trying really hard to keep calm and be patient, but waiting for the third book in my favorite series is proving to be very difficult.  I spent my free time this week re-reading the first two books, Thoughtless and Effortless.  Instead of getting me excited for Reckless, it's making me anxious and very impatient.  I know the release date is only 16 days away, but it feels like an eternity.  

I have been on a little downloading spree lately and I have a ton of great books waiting for me in my kindle library.  Maybe getting wrapped up in another book boyfriend is just what I need to keep me occupied in the mean time. 

Oh and speaking of book boyfriends, a friend and fellow blogger gave me a great idea for my rating system.  From now on, I will be using little book boyfriends to rate my books instead of stars.  Here is an example:


My Rating:  5 Book Boyfriends

I'm glad my art education has allowed me to create a decent stick figure! ;)

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