Monday, February 18, 2013

Metamorphosis by Erin Noelle - Review

If there was ever a book written specifically for me, Metamorphosis would be that book.  

The story starts as two best friends, Scarlett and Evie, talk about finding their dream guy from what they like in their favorite book boyfriends.  From the first few pages, I knew this book was going to be one of my favorites.

Scarlett has been sheltered from the world because of her ultra controlling  parents.  All she knows about relationships and love is what she reads in her romance novels.  After a fight with her parents, she decides she is going to start college and her new life the way she wants to and hopefully find love like she reads about.

Evie sets up a book boyfriend challenge for the two girls. They need to find boys that fit a specific criteria in a variety of book boyfriends. Lucky for Scarlett, she has no problem finding the all American boy, the playboy and the sexy rock star.  Now she has to struggle with the fight between her heart and her head. 

Quickly, Scarlett finds herself in a similar situation as the character, Harper in Taking Chances.(meeting two boys; one that's the perfect gentleman and one that is a bad boy and a player)  Evie sees the similarities and suggests that Scarlett read the book to see what she is possibly up against.  When she does, she has the same pained reaction I did after reading it.  (She was able to move on, unlike me)

While reading this book, I constantly had a smile on my face.  It's obvious the author and I have the same taste in romance novels and book boyfriends.  She references quite a few throughout the story.  I kept highlighting so many of them that I practically highlighted the entire book.  There were some book boyfriends mentioned that I didn't know. I need to figure out what books the author is referring to and put them on my TBR list!

Throughout the story Scarlett juggles the affections of  Dylan, a mix of Denny (Thoughtless) and  Parker (Beautiful Disaster), Ash, who was a lot like Travis (Beautiful Disaster) and Mason, in my opinion, is a combination of Kellan (Thoughtless) Jake (The Mighty Storm) and Cash (Down to You).

I know what you are thinking I would automatically be on Team Mason because of his Kellan traits.  But, I can honestly say, I still don't know who's "team" I'm on.  I kept going back and forth between Ash and Mason.  I was just as confused and torn as Scarlett!  Even after the story ended I still don't know (Thanks to the epilogue in Ash's point of view).  Thankfully, it looks like there is a sequel in the works so I don't need to make my decision yet.

Now for the most of story, I was really enjoying myself, loving the character development, the frequent book boyfriend references and the complicated love stories.  However, I had a bad feeling that something was going to happen that would upset me.  Uggh
and it did.  I get it. It's important to have a little drama and tragedy in a story to give it depth. But why this?  I even saw it coming, but still wasn't fully prepared and it broke my heart. I won't say anymore, so I don't risk a huge spoiler.

As I said earlier, I did a lot of highlighting of the book boyfriend references.  I thought a would share a few:

"There he was concerned that I had been abused as a child while I was fantasizing about a hidden red room of pain."    This made me chuckle :)

"But it can be any of our rocker book boyfriends... Kellan, Shane, Jake, Trey... Whoever you fancy". Ok, I don't know who Shane and Trey are, but I'm gonna find out and download those books ASAP! 

"There's a Psyche for every Eros, an Elizabeth for every Darcy, an Abby for every Travis."   *sigh* Travis

"Why was it that I was insanely attracted to male whore musicians?"

"We really are little book whores, aren't we? Not just in the number of books that we read, but in how many of the guys we are in love with, the things that we dream about doing with them."  Seriously, does the author know me??  

My Rating: 5 Book Boyfriends

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  1. When yo find out who the other Book BFs are please post I love to know