Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Letting Go by Maya Banks - Review

I was privileged to receive an advanced copy of Maya Banks's newest novel which is available today, Letting Go (The Surrender Trilogy) in exchanged for an honest review.  

Joss mourned the loss of her husband, Carson for three years.  Finally she decides to move on and live the life that she craved and one that he couldn't give her.  Little did she know Carson's best friend and business partner, Dash could give her everything she wanted and more.  He pined after Joss for years, but out of respect for Carson and their marriage, he never made a move. But after Carson's unfortunate and tragic death it was only time before he would go after what he wanted and he would stop at nothing until she was his completely.   Now she has a choice to move forward with Dash or live with the ghost of her dead husband.

Just like her other books, Maya Banks, has a way of making Dominate/Submissive relationship beautiful and loving and not demeaning or degrading.  Despite the somewhat controlling and seemingly harsh relationship, there is a sweet love story between Joss and Dash that will make you swoon.  They may not have a lifestyle I wish to follow,  but it makes for an entertaining story with a lot of HEAT.  I haven't read a Maya Banks book in awhile and had forgotten the steam that emanates off the pages!!  

I also forgot once you get captivated in a Maya Banks story and think you know what's next then...BAM something happens and takes you by surprise!  There was no exception in this story and I was worried I would be disappointed in the outcome, but she didn't fail me and I had a smile on my face while I turned the last page.

As a bonus you get the beginning of the next book in the series (Yay! It's another trilogy!!!).  The next book focuses on Joss's sister-in-law, (Carson's sister) Kylie.  She has a dark past that was lightly touched on in Letting Go (The Surrender Trilogy).  Kylie has voiced that she does not agree with Dom/Sub relationship because of the abuse she endured as a child.  And the new business partner who's taking over her brother's position and she'll be working for, practices that lifestyle.  Do I sense a recipe for a budding relationship and drama????  I am very intrigued to see how the one this will work out.  Who's going to give in??

My Rating:  4 Book Boyfriends

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