Monday, November 12, 2012

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There is one good thing about being stuck in bed, sick, I can ignore the messy house and read quilt free!   So for the past two days while I wallow in my misery I have been napping, reading, napping, reading and so on.  I really think its the reading is helping me get better  ;)

I wish I could say I'm enthralled in a new romance novel that was next up on my TBR list.  Enthralled? Yes! New? No.  After reading so many books about musicians lately, it made me miss one of my favorite book boyfriends, Kellan Kyle.  So I am currently re reading S.C. Stephens' series of Thoughtless and Effortless. I'm not sure how many times I have read this series but it never gets old!

Don't get me wrong all of my other rock star book boyfriends are wonderful!  They give me butterflies and make my heart melt, but none of them really can compare to Kellan!  Oh Kellan, if only you were real!  So here I am once again getting wrapped up in the story and falling in love with him all over again.

Both books are very long, about 1200 pages each (on the nook).  Don't let that scare you!  There is never a dull moment and you will be captivated from the start.  You really get to know the characters and watch the story develop without the feeling that its dragging. And rumor has it that there is a deleted scene for Thoughtless that is super hot!  Too hot for my blog but you can find it here

The author just released the series in paperback on November 6th so that is some good news for anyone who doesn't have an e-reader!  And the third installment, Reckless, is set to be released in March.  I know if I am in the middle of something at the time of the release I will most definitely push it aside to continue my love affair with Kellan.

Well, I must get back to my reading...I mean resting.  But I will leave you with a little excerpt one of my favorite parts in Effortless.

Once again fully dressed, he was reading one of my romance novels with a small, amused grin on his face.         

Glancing at the cover, which featured some bronze, buff man holding a scantily clad woman to his bare chest, I shook my head at Kellan.  "What are you doing?"

Not looking up at me, his smile widened.  "I reading your porn."

Smacking his foot as I walked by, I scoffed, "That's not's romance."

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