Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski - Review

I feel like I didn't give The Edge of Never enough credit while I was reading it.  I read the reviews and they all said it was a tear jerker.  So I did it again!  I kept from getting too involved with the characters to protect myself from heartache.   It's really kind of pathetic that I can get scared of a story and not give it the attention it deserves.  Now that I know what to expect I promise to read it again and get completely swept up in the story.

Camryn has been dealing with her high school boyfriend's accidental death, her parents divorce, her brother's jail sentence and her best friend's decision to chose her boyfriend over her.  That would be enough for me to want to hop on a bus to nowhere and just escape. And she does just that.

On her journey to Idaho, which she decided on while watching the ticket clerk eat a baked potato, she mets Andrew.  Andrew is on his way to Wyoming to visit his dying father, choosing taking a bus rather than fly, to grieve and to just think.  Once they meet their relationship progresses from strangers, to friends, to more.  The two venture out on a road trip where they can forget their grief, enjoy life and live in the moment.  Camryn wants to protect herself from getting too wrapped up in Andrew because she promised she won't set herself up for another broken heart after losing Ian, the love of her life.  Andrew has the same thought although its not clear why until the end.  But promises are made to be broken and new a love begins.

Now let's talk about Andrew!  He has model good looks, interesting tattoos with deep meanings, plays the guitar and sings.  He has just the right amount of sweetness and cockiness with a heart of gold.  Sounds like the perfect book boyfriend to me!  Oh and he drives a Chevelle! (just like my #1 Kellan!)  

The author writes a beautiful story, packed with emotion, friendship, love and a little humor.  With both characters point of view, which I always enjoy, I am able to get inside both of their heads and feel along with them.

Despite the fact I didn't allow myself to get fully invested in the story or characters, I still feel it deserves a 5 star rating!

Here is a little excerpt from the book that made me laugh and remind me of the love of my life.

     He answers easily: " made me cry once," but he suddenly appears embarrassed and might be regretting his answer.
     "What movie?"
      He can't look me in the eyes. I feel the mood lightening between us, despite what created it.
      "What does it matter?" he says.
      I smile and step up closer to him.  "Oh come on, just tell me-what, you think I'm going to laugh at you and call you a pussy?"
      He breaks a small grin underneath the embarrassed flush of his face.
      "The Notebook," he says so low that I didn't quite catch it.
      "Did you say The Notebook?"
      "Yes! I cried watching The Notebook, alright?"

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