Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Secret of Ella and Micha By Jessica Sorensen - Review

Since I am on a roll with books about musicians I figured The Secret of Ella and Micha would be perfect.  Even though the main character Micha is a musician that was not the main focus of the story.  It was just another aspect that I loved about him.  I may not of gotten the full rock star experience, but I did get the love story I crave.

Ella and Micha are next door neighbors and best friends.  Ella will even admit to herself that they are soul mates.  But after tragedy strikes her family she leaves Micha and the rest of her life behind to escape the pain and guilt over her mother's death.  After being away for eight months at college, Ella comes back to town for summer break more reserved, calm and one who follows the rules.  Micha has been looking for her since she left and is determined to get the old wild Ella back and convince her they belong together.

The author did an excellent job developing the characters and the love story.  You fall in love with Micha from the beginning and root for him.  Even as Ella tries to fight back her true feelings for him, she still shows how much she cares for her best friend.  As she starts to find herself again and deal with the problems she faces, she realizes what Micha really means to her.

I have said before that I usually have issues with the female characters and how they seem to bring heartache on themselves.  I didn't feel that way about Ella.  You understand why she ran away and why she wants to hide her true feelings for Micha.

The one issue I had with the book was actually the title.  I felt the secret wasn't much of a secret and that the title was a little misleading.   If it was just "Ella and Micha" I would have given it 5 stars.

I am excited that the story does not end with this book and the sequel will be out sometime this month.  I have not gotten enough of Micha and can't wait to see where the next story takes them.  Hopefully this time the title "The Forever of Ella and Micha" will live up to it's name!

My Rating 4.5 Stars

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