Friday, January 4, 2013

He's Back!!!....well almost

My #1 book boyfriend is back!  Actually only a little bit of him is back, but I will take whatever I can get!!  S.C. Stephens, the author and creator of the most amazing fictional man EVER, Kellan Kyle, from Thoughtlessand Effortless, has given us a little treat and released the first chapter of the third installment,  Reckless.  All I can say is OMG!!!  Of course it's bittersweet, because after reading the first chapter I just want to lock myself in my bedroom and finish the book.  But, I will have to wait until March before I can do that.

If you haven't read the the first two books, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT read this first chapter! It will spoil the first two and what fun would that be?  I would suggest that you stop whatever you are doing download Thoughtlessand Effortlessand read them now!!  Have I mention how much I love this series? ;)

 For those of you that have read them here's the link to the first chapter.  Enjoy!



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