Wednesday, January 2, 2013

If you can't say anything nice....

You know how the saying goes... "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  Well, that's how I feel about my blog.  I am not here to rip apart anyone's hard work just because it wasn't something I particularly liked.  It takes a lot of heart and guts to put your work out there for everyone to read, critique, and judge.  I know I don't have the strength to do it, even though the thought had crossed my mind a few times. (writing this blog gives me enough anxiety as it is!)

The sole purpose of my blog is to discuss and review the books I love.  Any rating that I give over 3.5 is an excellent book in my opinion.  Therefore, I will only review the books that receive my 3.5 or above rating. Don't get me wrong I have read some not so great books or stories that I just couldn't get into. You just won't see them on my blog.   I don't want to put my negative feelings in someone else's head when they might actually love the story.

Speaking of an excellent book that I loved!!  I just finished A Song for Julia (Thompson Sisters) by Charles Sheehan-Miles.  And what I will say right now is Wow and Amazing!!  I will hold off on my full review because I'd like to add my review on the other book in the series Just Remember to Breathe (Thompson Sisters).  I read that a few weeks ago but my life was a little crazy at the time and I was unable to sit down and write out my thoughts.  This book was also an amazing and powerful story that I will enjoy re-reading, which is the plan.  Once I'm finished, I will review them together.  But, don't wait for me go read them both NOW!  You won't be disappointed.


PS.  The author states that these books can be read in any order, but I suggest you read A Song For Juliafirst.

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