Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Present Perfect by Alison Bailey - Review

Whoops! I had this review of this absolute amazing book in my drafts for about 2 months and never posted it.  Better late than never, I guess.   I'm sorry I kept it to myself for so long.  Well, maybe I was feeling a little possessive over Noah Stewart. ;)

(Read August 2013)

I just finished, no devoured Alison Bailey's debut novel, Present Perfect.  I will try and convey my feelings about this incredible story without giving anything away. You know when I REALLY enjoy a story I don't want to take away from the experience.   I will not write a synopsis or any quotes (although, I highlighted a handful).  I want you to go through every emotion I did while reading it.

You will get frustrated.  I know I was!  But keep reading and enjoy the ride.  It's worth it!

I will touch on the awesomeness that is Noah Stewart!  From the age of 6, this boy captured my heart.  I was only disappointed in him once!  I completely understood why he did what he did and I didn't stay mad at him for long.  The heartfelt and swoon worthy words that would come out of this boys mouth will make the coldest person's heart melt and their knees weak.

I apologize if I'm being to vague, its necessary to keep the secrets.  However, if I could compare this story to another book, it would be The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski.  The story lines are very different but there is a commonality that makes it an appropriate comparison and closest I can think of.  For those who have read both, you understand.  If you haven't both books, they should be on the top of your TBR list.

I know I said I wouldn't write any quotes, but.......this one doesn't affect the story and was just too good not to share (for obvious reasons)!

"The D-Bags blasted through my head.  Kellan's voice always soothed me.  I closed my eyes and tried to listen to the lyrics."

Nothing like a Thoughtless Series reference to put a huge smile on my face!

This story is a roller coaster!  You will laugh, you will cry, and you will probably sob and hiccup and shed some ugly snot inducing tears. But, isn't that why we read the books we do?

My Rating:

5 Book Boyfriends and 5 pieces of Chocolate Cake with extra frosting (I guess you'll have to read it to understand the cake reference)

my little book boyfriend had some work done ;)

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