Thursday, October 25, 2012

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I just finished a book the other day that I plan to review but I had to put that off and dive right into Butterfly Weeds by Laura Miller.  Now that I have, I am scared to finish it.

I am about 20% in and I'm absolutely in love with the two main characters, Julia and Will and their relationship.  What do I do when I really like a book?  I take a break and start to read the in-depth reviews to see what direction the story may lead.  I try not to read any spoilers but I want to know what I am in for.

Most reviewers said things like "beautiful story", "made me sob" and "reminded me of the notebook".  What??  I don't know if my heart can handle that.  I know, I never actually read the notebook and I fell asleep during the movie (I was pregnant and very tired, don't judge!) but from what I heard no one finishes either one with a dry eye.  I do know this to be true, because when I finally woke and the credits were rolling, I glanced over and  my husband was crying...a lot!!  It also wasn't the first time he had seen it either.  I vowed then to never read or watch "The Notebook".  Ok, who am I kidding?? I love Nicholas Sparks and I'm sure I'll break down and read it.....someday.

But for now, I have to decide whether to go forward or not.  I am still reeling from Molly McAdams' Taking Chances.  That book crushed me and I have yet to recover.  Since I am a glutton for punishment, I know I will soldier on and finish the book.  Of course, with tissues by my side.  I also must make a mental note not to read it on my lunch break at work.  That could get a little awkward.

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