Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Mighty Storm By Samantha Towle - Review

I finished The Mighty Storm the other day I must say it did not disappoint!  The relationship between the two characters was very intense and I felt it.  As much as I love the ups and downs of a love story I also fear it!  I sometimes just want the story to be happy and perfect the entire time.  But thats no fun!  I knew I was in for something huge when it seemed everything between Tru and Jake was perfect and  I was only half way through the book.  I almost wanted to stop right there!  But no, I had to carry on and go through all the heart ache and angst I knew was going rear its ugly head!  And it did!  I also knew from reading so many romance novels that the female character was going to piss me off, and she did!  I just wanted to scream at her to wake up and stop being so stupid!  Then again, at times I respected her decisions and actions.  The story definitely had its share of drama but it also had some comedic touches that made me laugh!  I was definitely satisfied in the end and got a little treat with an extra chapter in Jake's POV.   And rumor has it there will be a sequel!!!!

My Rating - 4 stars

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