Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron - Review

Two college students placed in co-ed housing together. Taylor, a feisty sophomore, is not too pleased sharing a room in her apartment with a boy. Even if he is wildly attractive, plays the guitar and can cook!  What's the problem???

Hunter is very intrigued by his new roommate despite they fact she punches him in the face a few minutes after meeting him.  This sets the stage for a roller coaster friendship and then romance.

While both characters have dark secrets in their pasts, Hunter's secret is a little darker and than Taylor's.  However, she seems to have more issues coping with hers.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story.  It had a "Beautiful Disaster" feel and even included a bet between the two main characters.  Hunter said he would move out if Taylor could honestly say she hated him or loved him.  He made sure to ask every night before bed.  Did I mention he sleeps naked?  What's not to love! ;)

Even though the story moved a little slow at times, I really connected with the characters and enjoyed the developing romance.  Hunter was down right adorable at times and the banter between the two was funny and witty.  Of course, as all female character are in contemporary romance, Taylor was frustrating at times. Her anger issues and stubbornness got a little old.

All in all, the story made me sigh and swoon and I felt satisfied at the end.  I can add another book boyfriend to my list!

Excerpt from My Favorite Mistake:

"Goodnight,  Hunter." I somehow got myself back into bed.  He stood there for a moment before sighing and going to his bed.

"Love me?" he whispered as he tossed his boxers on the floor.


"Hate me?"

"Not as much as conjugating verbs."


Rating 4 stars

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