Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanks a lot Sandy!

Due to Hurricane Sandy's un-welcomed visit to the mid-Atlantic, I and thousands of others were left with out power.  Luckily we only went a day and half without.  The positive side was I had nothing else to do but snuggle in bed with my iPad (and kids occasionally).  Not having Internet access I was unable to review any of the 4 books I read.  Yes, I read 4 books in 2 days!  So, my reviews will be brief since My brain absorbed too many characters and stories all at once.  I really hope I keep them straight! ;)

Slammed by Colleen Hoover,

My mom has been on me to read this and the sequel for awhile now.  It went on sale and I decided to stock up some books, which came in handy during the hurricane.

Eighteen year old Layken moves from Texas, with her mother and 9 year old brother, to Michigan after her father passes away. She meets her neighbor, Will, who is the sole guardian for his 9 year old brother after the death of his parents.  The two young boys become instant best friends, while Will and Layken (or Lake) have an instant attraction for each other.  They hit it off and have a perfect first date.  Unfortunately, and unforeseen circumstance does not allow them to continue their relationship.  Then Lake must deal with more heartbreak plaguing her family once again.  Will is there to offer support and the relationship grows despite the obstacles blocking them from being together.

I really enjoyed this story and it was a little different then the other young adult romances I have read.  Also, there were more in depth secondary stories besides the love story between the main characters.  I liked that the author developed the supporting characters and you could connect with all of them.  I even got choked up at Layken's best friend, Eddie's, story.  Another aspect I'd unexpectedly enjoyed was the poetry.  I'm not one to read or listen to poetry but after reading the poems and learning about slam poetry, I am now a fan!

My Rating 4.5 stars

I was satisfied with the way Slammed ended and didn't feel the story needed to continue.  However, I was happy it did.   Point of Retreat continues where Slammed leaves off.  I won't go into too much detail that will spoil the first book.

I loved that this story is in Will's point of view.  It gives you a deeper connection with Will and a new perspective on Lake.  Of course their relationship gets tested and there is a major misunderstanding all while they are trying figure out how to move forward with another tragedy in their lives.  I love the involvement Lake's mother, Julia, has on their relationship even if it's not how they would have wanted it.  The story very heartbreaking, real and sweet adding a nice continuation to the first story.

My Rating 4.5 stars

Unravel Me by Kendall Ryan

Ashlyn,  a psychology student working towards her PhD, finds herself intrigued by the amnesia patient she studying for her Thesis.  "Logan" is thought to be dangerous, possibly a murderer, but she sees him differently and wants to help him remember who he is.  The lines of professionalism gets blurred when she finds him on the streets of chicago after he is released from the hospital and offers him a place to stay. She helps him get back his life and he helps her learn to live in the moment.

The book was fairly short, however I did not feel the story or the characters lacked in development.  The story had steamy passion, mystery and of course romance.  Once I started I could not put it down.  I had to find out who "Logan" was and if their relationship could survive once it was revealed.

My Rating 4 stars

In the Band by Jean Haus

Out of all the books I read during the power outage this was my favorite.  I was so involved with the story that I read it so fast and into the early hours of the morning. I feel that I may have missed parts of the story.  So to give it a fair review (and because I am obsessed) I am reading it again.  My complete review will be posted soon.


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